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Victoria's Secret Blackmail

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jump they said and you survived all in the name of compromise and all this disappears now and loving diaries died would be the reasons why we claim these tears are priceless no value and kills and guns about disintegration victoria's secret stole all my unpredictable dreams my innocent virginity
i feel nothing at all angels with feathered beautiful wings tv commercials 'n jerk off magazines they follow me to my world i'm sick of sick of fake emotions
i would never ever go for the motions
i am serious get the hell out of this world i am clever even stuck in the dark you owe me tons of words come on you owe me more than hope overshadow
talking on the phone overshadow
overshadow victoria's secret stole :.:. i'm sick of :.:. just wanna feel the lights just wanna touch this fire scandalicious delicious so delicious

watch myself coming on red tie over my neck i am ready to go
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