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Chrous X2
Little derek's doing ok yea
Little derek's doing fine fine
Little derek's doing cool cool
You know how we do

Stepped out my house I'm feeling fresh and brand new,
Olu did the trim, Rehana done the hairdo
And everything I wear's new,
Maharishi jacket, puma top, boxfresh jeans and Nike Cambo
Sprayed a little Versace dreamer on me too,
So every girl I pass is like ohh, woo,
Police don't pull us over like woo woo,
Cause their kids watch mtv and channel u,
But life aint always been fine like baby blue,
Cause when you do uk rap you're number two,
Cause the usa aint giving us space to break through,
Gotta keep the punters happy- to tango it takes two,
And it seems like I'm the rapper that people take to,
I've never had a lot with what I've got I've made do,
And I'm blowing up in this bitch like Move, Move, Move!


Step out the ride I'm feeling nice and quite fly,
I'm trying reach the top but I can see the top is quite high,
Steady on my grind trying t get my face up in the source,
So I keep my faith up in the force up in the bright white sky,
Getting calls from these record label bosses like “Hi”
And I've been inside their offices and listened to their promises,
But no-one's made me offers yet that I can not deny,
And I been making profits off this: my mixtapes fly,
Life aint always been pretty like Ny,
On the north side of the city when its gritty like Kai,
We did what we had to done to get by,
Hoping not to get caught up in no silly drive-by
Little Derek wrote lyrics while the others got high,
And he ended up in HMV instead of HMP,
Cause street life could only end one way,
Your friend crying on the scene like “Why? Why? Why?”

Chorus x2

(baby blue)
Knowing real fame, that's what I used to dream about,
That everyone would know my name and they would scream it out
Knowing my song words and sing aloud too,
And I would walk down the street and hear “Blue! Blue! Blue!”
My video's rotating so I got these execs debating about whether I'm taken,
And these R&B guys is asking the same thing,
Calling up my phone wondering whether I'm dating,
I turn my passion to career how could I lose out?
Quit my 9 to 5 s I don't have to sell shoes now,
My cd's are moving that's the route that I'm choosing,
So I gotta make it through, through, through
Little Rachel used to look up to the sky to analyse
the planet and wonder if I could shine to,
So now they ask how I'm doing I say little Rachel's doing ok,

Chorus x2
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