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This Is My Demo

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This is my demo
Intro- Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the end of the beginning,
My name is sway aka Little Derek,
and right now I'm about to take you
to the very beginning before the after,
prior to the present,
Before the hype, before the magazines,
before the buzz and before the mixtapes,
Back to the blood sweat and tears,
Growing up I had to much on my mind,
I needed a way to get all this crap out of my head, so I chose music/
This is my beginning, this is my introduction,
this is my dream, listen very carefully, This is my demo

its the arrival of dcypha, live from this London dungeon (underground)
That's where I've bin putting it down for my people on the
north side (get up) east side (get up)
west side (get up) south side (get up)
inside (yeah) outside (yeah) (get up)
(get up) (get up) (get up)
That's what im saying yeah?
and for years that's how long I waited here
and im prepared back then people never wanted to hear me though
that's when i had to shoot a little video
now im giving the album here we go
ever since i was a little kid about 6 7 8 9 or 10
i always wanted to be bigger than big ben
but dreams can easily come to an end
when your living in the big l.o.n.d.o.n. the city that never sleeps
so how do we dream?
little kids forced to think like men and the big smoke just gets u lean
to get a good start in life i took a run up instead of picking a gun up
i picked up a pen and i shoot for the (sky) run up on the (clouds)
that's why i got 1 up on u clowns
now im becoming tha talk of tha town
jus yester day i was walking around
trying to figure out how im gonna come up on the crown
now im in the middle when the gathering crowds are saying:

(sway) the beginning is still in my memory
(sway) i was sitting in my school assembly
(sway) never listen to what the teachers telling me
(sway)i was thinking will i live to 70
(sway) and if i die will the world remember me
(sway)whos my friends and whos my enemies
(sway)who will love and who will envy me
(sway) now im ready for whatever is meant to be

i put my blood sweat and tears in this music, i will not fail
your lisening to this is my demo

once upon a time in a place Haringey
lived this average african black kid trying to get up in this (industry)
flat 23 brook road he would practice
rapping rapidly this rap emcee had a lot to say
with a little time so he rapped quick
not to say he never had any friends
but he never had many never had a penny to access the (industry)
05/09/82: flew back to the mother land
where he grew flew back to the other land
he was 2 english boy with an african accent
05/09/92: using the music rooms in his school
recording rhythms then he rid ‘em with riddles
now he's an african boy wit an english accent
now he's 22 and your lisening to his first official lp debut
and i got the energy-eh
im not jus an n.i.g.-ger
im still hungry and im eager
and im more ready than I've ever been-er
because ive been persuading this thing from school since commodore
atari and amiga
remember me sir? i aint in it to be number two
five albums that's what im gunna do,
five albums then im done then im through
the enemies-ahhh bite the dust this is all before the hype, the buzz
this is all before the wife,
the lust and the lies the thugs with knives and guns
its entertainment for you but its life for us, its time to buss my niggas


left side islamic prayer
right side christian prayer

ive got angels on my nokia im out here and i got no fear
no foes or no phobias so all these plotting with the obeahs
and voodoo there's no hope for ya
hang yourself i got rope for ya i said there's no hope for ya
hang yourself i got rope for ya
cause god would never let the devil harm any g's
and when im in the dark read psalms 23
im trying to good on the path for the beasts
a palce where the bad boys are the police
trapped in between the iman and the priest
and i cant see if im gonna be in the church with a cross around ma neck
or in a mosque with a quran and a palm full of beads
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