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Tower Of Power

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Will you ever get to not regret
Every day that greets you
Will you ever see
That you must be the strong one that they look for
You hide in rooms and she assumes
That you life blooms when you're around her
You'll meet your death with you last breath sublime

Your tower of power grey days with showers
Get the papers get the shakers it'll calm now
All your calls and sunday falls promises
That they'd save you they failed you

Your life your strife your fear is clear
you're scared you dared to feel sincere
You came you saw you never bore one thing's sure
I adore you

This time around you make your sound
This time around I'm glad I found you
You try to find a strength of mind
You looked for love but it failed you
You trust too much and all you clutch is bad time
So regretful your boys were toys
You don't enjoy the little love that they gave you they failed you
You fly too high the roof oyour sky come down now
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