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Can't Get Down

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I can't get down, I can't get down
Wit' you no more
I can't get down, I can't get down
Wit' you no more
I can't get down, I can't get down
Wit' you no more
I can't get down, oh


I remember when
We were the best of friends
Flowers in the air
Nothing could stop us there
Walking hand in hand
Bare feet in the sand
Everything was cool
Now I don't understand
We don't hit the streets
Like we used to in my 6
Almost seems as if
You found someone new to run with
No more iced out things
No more shopping sprees
So where you getting it from
Cause you ain't gettin' it from me

One, you runnin' game
Two, you don't act the same
Three, cheatin' on me
Four, behind closed doors
Five, just last night
Six, ain't talking no more


Why the late phone calls?
Why the late night trips?
Your girlfriend's car broke down
Who you think you dealin' with?
I done peeped your game
Everynight excuse is the same
Girlfriend this, girlfriend that
I'm tired so one day
I gets in my ride
To see just where you are
You're leaving the liquor store
With two bottles of White Star
Ride on up the street
To check into a room
A nigga in a Range Rover
Is feeling all over you
I knew you was runnin' game

[2: x2]

Seven, sees more niggas in the side
Eight, is always out all night
Nine, just keeps on making up lies
Ten, don't care that it ain't right
Eleven, dressed like seven
Twelve, won't make you change
Thirteen, why me?
Fourteen, begging you down on my knees
Fifteen, take this ring away please
I'm so tired of counting things wrong
So to hell with you, get gone
[2: x2]
[1: x2]
[2: til fade]
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