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She Calls Home

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I've got such a filthy heart sometimes.
When you take me to that place and I never wanna leave.
In the middle of the night, when everyone is sound asleep.
Where will you be?
You'll be waiting with a gasmask in the dark.
I can't stop myself.
She calls home when I'm not there so I wont freeze.
I need to learn how to breathe when I'm inside you.
Sever the ripcord.
Sever it.
I drift away.
I drift.
Further down.
Inside it gets so fucking cold.
I come to you to feel helpless.
Further down.
You know it's hard to free myself and you just keep on driving until its over.
Until they swallow every last drop of me and you.
I need to learn how to breathe.
I need to learn how to breathe.
Further down.
I reach inside.
Further down.
I can't hide.
I tried to show you that there's nothing you can take away from me.
Nothing you can take away from me.
Kill me.
You're such a beautiful liar.
Take me to the place where I'm king.
Nothing just like the way that you wanted.
When you left me behind.
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