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City Of The Dead

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this is the city of the dead
as we lie side by side in bed
i'd do something else instead
but it is the city of the dead

we wend out kickin' around
but you got drunk and fallen down
and i wish i could be like you
with the soho river drinking me down

in the city of the dead
fall in love and fall in bed
it wasn't anything you said
except i know we both lie dead

don't you know where to cop

that's what new york johnny said
you should get to know your town
just like i know mine

while all the windows stare ahead
and the streets are filled with dread
every nation in the world
slinks through the alley after girls

what we wear is dangerous gear
it'll get you picked up anywhere
though we get beat up we don't care
at least it livens up the air

but somedays we hide inside
all courage gone and paralyzed
sniff that wind of ugly tension
today, the jerks have got aggression

it is the city of the dead
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