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Skate On

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[Verse 1: Lupe Fiasco]
Where the Almighty know, well alrighty then
I'm all mighty ho call me mighty Joe Quinn
With Josephine Baker in the Benz
On them shiny toes, glass slipper niggas with your Cinderalla shins
I'm a shark in the water, you see my flippers and my fins
The pool is my palace go and send them niggas in
Rockstar, let's take the Bentley for a swim
I run the world take your hood to the gym
Stretch it all out, get it all thin
Back on my fat shit get it all again
Rap on my back bitch, hip hop on my brim
You think you're high now
Well thy style's no higher than my eyebrows, this should be a sin
Cleanse, flow clear kinda like how air look
Or like a Cinderella pair look
Or like Cinderella barefoot
No matter how many ankles of crews
The moral of the story: you can't fill my shoes

[Verse 2: Game]
(Mass murderer!)
And in the last verse from Lupe, touche
Ferrari drop top, but it came with a toupee
Niggas say they got cars like us, but do they?
Rap Phantoms, pack tannoms and strippers from
Atlanta, ménage à trois let em fuck, I watch, stay on
My j-o, only when I'm punchin' the clock, up
On the block, everything mine, I stay on my grind
Chasin' dollar signs, bumpin' Nas, it's halftime
And I'm the G-A, money signs it's easy nigga, don't
Want shit for free but weezy nigga, load the Glock up
Cops pop up, you can go to Iraq, take all the straps
Come back and couldn't stop us, Aston with the
Top jush, paint job, rock dust, hand with what I got
In the trunk will get us all locked up, so fuck niggas
And I'm talkin' from behind the trigga, now come
Get a nigga, cus I'm of niggas

Hatin' on me, you wastin' your time
Nigga wanna kill me? Then go and stand in that line
Kill that shit, I ain't tryna hear that shit
[Gun cocking] I know you hear that shit
So nigga
Skate on, skate on (Whatchu gon do?)
Skate on, skate on (Lupe tell em nigga)
S-S-Skate on, skate on
Me and my niggas tryna stay on, skate on

[Verse 3: Game]
Usually wake up early like them Philly niggas
In the weed spot rolling kush A-R go get Philly nigga
First smoke a not, we swimming it hard rock
We push it out all spots 'till they get us up off blocks
Straight for the bout [?] pots, then bag it in in Banglocks
Watch for the top cops cus we nourish our own crops
Smoke it like blood clops, inside of the drug spot
Will take em to Van Gundy, big man on the block
Don't worry bout my residentials or my credentials
My flow will cocktail, through a Def Jam window
That's for Shekyan, I'm the rapper niggas fear
No need for Craig Mack to kick the flava in ya ear
Keep the Lambo in fifth gear, catch me on a sunny
Day, paint drippin' like Lil Weezy in Baby tears
King of LA I think I made it clear, ain't nobody outselling 5
It's a Eminem or Dre n shit


[Verse 4: Game]
Now I've been rappin' for 9 years, 4 months
45, 46, 47 seconds, I was Doctor Dre's weapon
Had the option to stay and kept swerving
Make some rookie mistakes but so did Kyrie Irving
If Fifty was Lebron on a bad night, or Floyd Mayweather
When many packi out did his jab right, I fucked a
Bad bitch but that was last night, and I ain't gon' say
No names but she was singing and her ass tight
This year I'm gettin' my cash right, 30 years old
Let Drake or Soulja Boy live fast life, who ever said
The Game wack, change that, (be) fore the thing claps
Niggas fucked up rap, I bought the flame back
Couple albums later, still the same cat, and my P-O
Only motherfucker thinkin' that I ain't strapped
Next time you doubt me, I'm a have my accountin' down
Southny, we can do this rap shit without me
I'm out G, and if 2011 Audi, twenty two parral leaf
Oils up like the Saudi's, bout to pick new broad from the hotel
Yo Pharrell, let em know
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