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25 To Life

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[Verse 1: Game]
I was sentenced to a 5 album deal in '02
Spent the next couple years trying to figure out who was who
Met this New York nigga they called him Boo Boo
So we chopped it on the yard and he put me down with his crew
We was the hardest niggas in the penitentiary
Got a little bigger since Jimmy Iovine sentenced me
Sat back in my cell and wrote The Documentary
I ain't make no friends in jail, just enemies
A lot of bad memories, fucked up tendencies
Even bumped heads with this Young Buck from Tennessee
Say he got connects in Nashville got them 10 a key
Shit, we finna see, nigga knew I been a G
Never needed The Unit, that's how them niggas remembered me
Yo c.o. coming I'm a holla in a minute B
Niggas on the yard tripping, I ain't got the energy
Had a couple jail fights them niggas couldn't finish me

[Hook: Game]
25 to life
No fucking corona
Just animals in this bitch and I ain't trusting a soul
So while I'm up in here I might as well make the best of it
And pray to the lord he take care of the rest of it
25 to life
Got me feeling like I'm stuck
Only reason I survived because I don't give a fuck
Nothing but bad luck
And I ain't never cried a tear
Never going home, nigga fuck around and die here

[Verse 2: Game]
I'm getting sick and tired of these newcomers
I've been locked up for more than a few summers
Still gotta do numbers, still gotta do numbers
Looking at pictures of Keri Hilson on the wall, dick hard as a cucumber
Relax my mind, hit the yard and shoot a few jumpers
Really wanna shoot something, who the fuck wanna do something
This [?] named [?]
Told me I was the hardest nigga to ever hit the yard since Pac was on Death Row
I'm about to go fuck with my niggas on D block
Cause he know what to do when these niggas be taking cheap shots
Ask a nigga how long he got, he said about 9
Then we start having conversations about Shyne
Homie just got out, shit it's about time
We click cause he about his and nigga I'm about mine
So not near a nigga here can talk about Shyne and Lil Wayne neither
Get your pussy ass outlined

[Hook: Game]

[Verse 3: Game]
Niggas ain't stopping me
Especially with me and my nigga [?] state property
I could feel it in the air
Niggas up in here is scared
Niggas up in here is queers
Niggas up in here is dead
I think you a c.o
I think you a fed
Snitches get stitches that's the type of shit we do in here
Who the fuck is you in here
You fucking with a killer
Better have a lion heart fucking with a dealer
Reputations get ruined here play the game to win
Guns, I pack 10, the UCLA Bruin here
None of you fresh fish niggas couldn't do a year
Let alone a life sentence
I know R&B niggas harder than ya'll
Nigga Lyfe Jennings
Lloyd tried to rob my bank and got his fucking life ended
Now that I think about it dog, I'm starting to like prison
Next niggas get out of line I stick my knife in them

[Hook: Game]
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