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Let 'er Rip

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Lies, lies.
Pile 'em up to the sky.
Stuff yer smile
at the roadkill pile.
Schools out
for the "Wally & Beave",
'cause surfs up
at the Silver Spoon Prep.

If that's the way it's gonna be,
let's skip steps A through Z -
Let 'er rip.
'Till the walls come tumblin' down.
Peddle some hate.
Shift the blame.
Divide and conquer.
Take your slaves.
If we gotta do a "U.S.S.R."
to purge the hands from the cookie jar -
Let 'er rip.
'Till the walls come tumblin' down.
Just how long
do you think this can last?
Ain't you learned Jack
Shit from the past?
Meanwhile, back at the millionaire's club,
they reach a pleasing accord today -
bought some 10 grand toilet seats
where "Johnny Can't Read" can sit
and piss his years away.
Let 'er rip.


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