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Death Dance

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The sound of the jungle is beating in my head
But I know my mind aint my own
Why am I still walking when I know I should be dead
Why won’t it leave me alone
My feet move in rhythm to the death dance
But my heart stopped beating long ago
I wanted to live but I had no chance
My mind keeps moving even so

I died 48 hours ago
But I’m still walking around
Something wont let me lie in peace
There aint no rest to be found
The people are dancing around me
The witchdoctor stands and he stares
His magical powers have bound me
The voodoo rites have ensnared

Now they have made me a zombie
I got to do what they say
Now I am in there power
Their aint no escape no way
Wont you come and join in my death dance
The powers of the old ones entwine
You wanted to live you got no chance
Their aint know place you can hide
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