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Girl I'm Gonna Get You

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Girl, I've been watching you
Wondering what's your name and could
I get ya I'm hoping that you feel the same
Baby what's on your mind
Girl I'm gonna get ya
You know I need you in my world
You know I'm gonna get ya I'm begging you to be my girl
Even though you might be scared I promise I'll be there
Girl I'm gonna get ya, tonight
Now, that we're all alone I'm lookin' in your eyes
Can you see me
Girl, this is no surprise I think I'm falling in love
Darlin' don't ya know it's the perfect time
You know I'm gonna make you mine
Don't you know I need you every time I see you
Don't keep me waiting with my love on the line
When you are away from me, you're the only one I see
Girl I just can't seem to get you off my mind
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