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Sing with me

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Come on sing with us
Like you just don't care
Don't turn around man,
There's nothing good back there
Come on sing with us,
Like you just don't mind
Together in a crowd - it's one of a kind

It's my choice to make
With the things that I do
Cuz the way I play
I think it offers something new
But now the band's together, yeah
It's one common voice
Yer chance to be whatever
So you make the choice

Sing with me!
And I'll sing along with you
Save the day!
Together we'll see things through


Well in the past, I made mistakes
But at the same time
They were mine to make
But now that times are better, kid,
Times are great!
I realised that I will determine my fate

Yeah, like he said,
Life's full of fuckin' hate,
But a lesson ya live
Is still a lesson ya learn
And nah, we're not sayin' listen man,
We're just sayin' try,
Cuz if ya wanna raise a finger,
Then ya better know why!
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