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Down On Your Luck

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I'm downtown with a few dollars more
I got paid from the beg and the borrow
the sun is shining it's a quarter past four
I've gotta get my head straight from the night before
I jump on the triple nine bus
The driver says it's $2.60 you don't make a fuss, yeah
All of this shit, yeah in this pit
Oh in this ditch, They call 'the city'

Old times, old memories
Don't seem the same when you're down on your luck
Old friends, old enemies
Don't matter at all cuz the next comes around

Well, the front crowd still phasing
But the memories still remain
Their ain't no friendly lullabies
There's just dust and grain
This ain't no story of what we've said and told
This is the time that we will battle for our souls
I know I'm not on time but there's one thing that I know
(No idea what this line says)
I won't sit back and watch my friends turn to foe
This is a chance to right this wrong so...


Old times, come and go
Down seem the same when you've got no place to go-go
And old friends, are no more
Like an enemy, won't worry 'bout them no more
I'm downtown with a few dollars more
I take my cash on up to the record store
I can't believe all the hate that I saw
From the people I called mates once before

Well, I don't know much and I don't really care
Why should I care when I've got my true friends, yeah
See me in the streets, dancing in the light
Singing out loud, holding my dreams tight
Oh, I love punk rock, I know ya feel it
It keeps my head up, and it keeps my heart beating
I never went to school, they tried to tell me what to do
So I ditched to play guitar and the music shined on through


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