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Up the garden path

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All Our Mates That We Once Knew Said They Were Happy
Always Shouting In The Street, Just Like You And Me
Always Finding Laughter, Fun And Games To Play
They Of Course Have To Agree
Suddenly They Were Swept Off Their Feet And Gone
They Don't Know What Hit Them
Just Like The Rest, The Girlfriends Got The Best
And So The Story Just Goes On

They All Get Washed For Them, Even Have A Bath
But They Are Now Being Led, Up The Garden Path

I Was Sitting In The Sun Reading The Days Press
A Boy That I Once Knew Was In, I've Never Seen Such A Mess
Smiling With A Moustache, A Suit, A Shirt And Tie
He Had Just Been Wed Today
I Could Not Help But Laugh, What's Got Into Him?
He Looks About Forty
He's Been Such A Nit, Now He's In For It
And Soon You'll Hear Him Say

I Was Lying On The Beach Licking Cool Ice Cream
A Man, A Wife And A Pram Went By, It Was Like A Dream
He Was Climbing Apple Trees Just A Moon Ago
The Kind Of Bloke You Think, Won't Grow
His Face Is Like A Fiddle Now, Long And Sad And Blue
He Still Says He's Happy
He Must Have Gone Mad, Cos He's Not The Lad
That I Once Used To Know
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