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Cheating chick from China

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Sittin' In The Hot Wok Takeaway
Every Single Thing Has Gone Wrong From That Day
"I Like English Man" Said She
Cor! I Thought Free Chop Suey?
When ...
I Was Sittin' In The Hot Wok, What A Shock I Got, Didn't I, Ay

Sittin' In The Hot Wok, She Wooed Me
She Was Gonna Make A Mockery ... Of Me
Bamboozled By A Chinese Bint, She Milked Me Dry
And Left ... Me Skint

In A Peking Penthouse Pad, With The Bank Account I Once Had
She Knew It But I Didn't Know That, Id End Up In A Council Flat
Tricked And Sick, Why Did He Pick A Chick
When She's A Cheatin' Chick From China

Sittin' In The Hot Wok Penniless
She Got Me In An Oriental Mess
I Tell For, A Bird So Bad, That Hong Kong Whore
Took All ... I Had

Flat Broke ... I Was In A Fix, By A Bit O' Skirt With Chopsticks
For A Little Eastern Crumpet, I Was Left 10 Grand In Debt
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