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Lester Fiddled the tax man

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Under Under Starters Orders & They're Off Tallyho!
4-1 3-1 2-1 The Bettin's On, Lester Nicks Off To Rio
He Got More, Got More Than He Bargained For
Lester's Accountant Was A Daft Clot
He's Upset, Upset, That's What You Get
He Made A Mockery Of Ascot Ascot Ascot

Lester, Lester, A Fiddliddliddling Jester
Lester's Been Banged Up With All The Other Cccccrooks
Lester, Lester, Tried To Trick The Tax Inspector
Coz Lester Conned The Tax & Fiddled His Books

He's A Nutcase, Nutcase, Crackpot Nutcase
He Put His Job In Jeopardy
Now He Won't Be, Won't Be, Won't Be
Won't Be Racing Again At Aintree
He'll Get Away, Get Away, Get Away, Get Away
He Must O' Been Livin' In Dreamland
Now He's Never On, Never On, Never On, Never On
World Of Sport Or Grandstand Grandstand Grandstand

He Laughs, He Laughs, He Sniggers & Laughs
When He Thinks Of The Money He Earns
But He Got Nicked, Got Nicked , Got Nicked
When He Sent His Tax Returns
Grinning, Grinning, Always Winning
He Never Thought He Would Be Poor
Now He's Locked Up, Locked Up, Locked Up, Locked Up
Doing Time In Dartmoor, Dartmoor, Dartmoor
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