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Vaccination Scar

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So the chemistry's set
And I'm not the saddest cheerleader to forget the American word
For the gang in the head
That dwindles to no members when
The mystery's met
The sky looks threatened, heading home in the dust
Singing, "Life is for getting
Good enough for the frivolous"

One thing I remember is
This tear on your bare shoulder
This little silver boulder
This slowly falling star
We're rolling, so what
Never getting older, where the moon-shocked curtains part
At the start of enough
A tear dropped in a vaccination scar

I'll tell you if I'm able
That is, I'll tell you like it is
It went down like a bad card table
Like the Tacoma Narrows Bridge
Like the Tacoma Narrows Bridge

Swimming on a bit
Stop and treading water as the sun assimilated the words
For lighthouse fire
Burning down to embers' end
The mystery met
The sky just-reddened, heading home under dusk
Is life just forgetting
Another word for frivilous

And little silver boulders
And silence from Mars
For the heart of enough
For a tear dropped in a vaccination scar

Wherever you are
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