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Life Grows Cold

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Slowly eating at my soul, don't threaten my peace.
Feeling damaged and appalled, don't threaten my peace.
Defending my goal, don't threaten my peace.
Never slowing my roll, don't threaten my peace.
Well just in case reality comes too late.
It's time to break down everything hope lethargic for a low down power trip.
For all the damage that done another bricks to become another piece of the wall that's barricading us all from the far side brought to the tables that have turned into tragedy focusing on strategy.
Time's up.
What for?
Life grows cold.
In love and war you can't foresee everything when a matter of opinion brings the power of death again.
I was born with the heart of a soldier because I know that I know that
I know I'm already dead.
Life grows cold.
Can you feel that?
Life grows cold.
Can you see that?
Life grows cold.
Because you know that life grows cold.
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