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Favorite Broken Heart

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I was in my closet diggin
Ran across some pictures
And a couple letters you wrote
Kinda had me reminisin
Bout when it was different
Right before you let me go
Cause even though we had to finish
(Baby I admit it)
You was worth my heart gettin broke
Cause I ain't never had those feelings
I ain't get to say it last time we spoke [ Chorus ]
Even though it's goodbye
Before I run into you
I just wanted you to know
Your my
Favorite broken heart
Even though
I've cried
I don't wanna beef here
I will always be here for you
Your my
Favorite broken heart

So why you gotta blast ya name in the streets
And tell everybody I made dirt about you ooohha
And everything we been through
Is between me n you baby boy (fasho)
We ain't gotta be the clishe (exes)
With the (he say she say)
Like we ain't grown
If you ain't got nobody these days
Maybe you can hit me on my cell or at home.

It's been so long
Since I saw ya
Still I got nothing
But love for ya
Tell me that you know that I'm
Always here
Whenever however forever [ Chorus ] [ Verse Three]
Thank you
If I could do it all again
I'd do the very same thing
Knowin that you
Would hurt me in the end
(Baby I would do it all again)
I never knew
What was forever till I met you
I know you'll be there whenever I need you
No matter what I'm still ya friend
I know it sounds crazy baby [ Chorus:out ]
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