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In The Rock City

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I walk on the old street,
I am used to follow my shadow.
Night is changing into light
and darkness goes with my steps.
When the first dash is falling trough the moonlight
spirit’s waking up.
I walk by the famous town,
the town full of women and rock.
There is only one law,
charism which hurts by glance.
Rock city, so old dream
the passion arise only one
Rock city of paradise
try how it's like tasting
There is smoke from cigarettes,
we can hear the voices
stars don´t need to be famous
I stay little bit, not to loose anything.
Tomorrow new day coming
and won't be exciting
If I make more, it's forgotten
I use all happiness
not to be so sorry.
More I dont miss, more I dont need.
More is just rock, all what I feel.
I am sitting in a known bar
I'm getting drunk of glace of charm.
Let the nigh let´s forever
I want to put it's black dress down.
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