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Ice Cream Paint Job

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Haaa Sting beats like bee-hives B's Y Bees Don't get caught on that eastside L.A in my G-ride A.C on the dash black flame make my seat hot. On my way from picking cash, I ran into my ex best sex I ever had, dnt laugh but that pussy f*ck around and pass gass. Haha Twap Twak Now duck duck that ass. Shane baby Tyga man you kno the name baby money ain't a thing to the young money game baby. R Nave Our Ate and leave need rape your lady Or mayb take more whores show me your titti. (your titti) Uhm twenty town here I come. I could've went lyrical on this beat but I dnt, I won't cus u niggas do anything for a joke L.M.A.OTo the bank I go (gone)
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