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Doom Ride

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Triggering The Resonator
When He Passes By
Who Will Be The Detonator
And Be Blown Sky High
Thousand Tons Of Synergy
Flaming Torching Tracks
Pumping High Adrenalin
The Throttle At The Max
No Refund Of The Entrance Price
No Help In Turning Back
If You Agree - You're In The Game
You're Open To Attack
You're On The Doom Ride
Stage Fright - Doom Ride
A One Way Ticket On The
Doom Ride - Hell Sight
Doom Ride - Your Chance Of
No Return
Carve The Names In Memory
High Scores On The Board
Unaware Participants
Robocycle Lord
Infernal Iron Beast Machine
A Piston For A Heart
Red-Hot Boiling Energy
Tearing You Apart
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