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The Crimson Tide Of Speeding
And Viruses Proceeding
We'll Have Our Finest Hour
With Danger Everywhere
The Blood Comes Up To Boiling
Injection Guns Recoiling
Instrumental Power
Shockwaves In The Air
And When You're Feeling Craziness
And Climbing Up The Walls
It's Just The Metal Parasite
And Then You Are …….
Infected - Infected By The Seed
Infected - This Is What You Need
Infected - Infected One And All
Infected - Be Ready For The Call
Through The Veins It's Crawling
And Zombie Time Is Dawning
Like A Mental Breaker
Head Bombs Crashing Down
We Can't Be The Healers
We're The Poison Dealers
The Maker And The Taker
Infected By The Sound
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