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One Step To Fate

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Now it's time to break the spell
Future's written down
Is it tears or happiness
What's your fate - time will tell

Is it left or is it right
Elect the road you'll take
Will you see the other side
Take a ride - take a ride to see

There's no excuses if it's badness
So many ways it can go wrong
And if it happens to be gladness
Then you can say that you have won
That you have won

One step to fate - why don't you follow me
One step to fate - I know it's near
One step to fate - no power's over me
One step to fate - it only takes one step to fate

The time is now it's make or break
The turning of the tide
This is the way it has to be
Live your life to the edge

Could be bad you know it might
The mission's under way
Now you've reached the other side
Open up - open up your eyes

No more excuses if it's badness
So many ways that have gone wrong
Not always happens to be gladness
Which ever way you know you've won
You know you've won

With a touch of sadness
Dreams can fade away
Laughter is my passion
Never cried away
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