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The Magic Mirror

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God have the Ten Commandments
Moses passed them all
A look at Jesus' blessings
The sun belonged to Ra

Nero played with fire
Caesar was a laugh
The beauty Cleopatra
Ramses had it all

Drunk a skull with Odin
And rode with Ghingis Khan
Saw Attila, the great one
The Alps with Hannibal

Merlin and King Asrthur
A feast with Robin Hood
Friends with Leonardo
Columbus and the plot

With empires arising
And holy nations fall
The magic mirror shows you
Kings and Queens and all

Just take a look in the magic mirror
Don't turn around at what you see
Just take a look in the magic mirror
You're gonna see what you may be

Luther nailed our destiny
Beethoven wrote the scores
Napoleon and his triumph
Rasputin and the Tsar

Imagine our history
Without those famous names
It makes the world remember
That life is not in vain
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