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The Only Survivor Was Miraculously Unharmed

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Someone has sown me shut
And tied me to a bed
They locked me up
Oh, God!
This is where they all
Throw me to the wolves
Dragged behind and trampled on
I can't keep clawing at the jaws of hell
The silence is killing me
Nothing to calm the nerve
Write down my thoughts
And read me my rights
Repeat, repeat, repent and repeat
The cycle never really ends
'Till they admit that it's real
Everything is leaving me wondering
I hate that I'm questioning
You're everything
This is how it seems to me
I've drowned myself in self-regret
This is how I wanna be
This can't be how I wanna be
They just spin in perfect little circles
And that's all they know
Nothing's right, just left alone
Sinking in will be just fine
None of them will ever know
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