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Fools play at games don't you know that fools play at games
And I know that I'm not afraid of you

I know this feeling inside has just made up my mind
I'm gonna take this chance and do what's in my heart
You always says that you'd stand by me and help me get along
So understand I must do what's in my heart

I know this feeling inside has helped me to carry on
So as the day go by and the nights that never end
You play the clubs and you play the game
The next day you will find
You'll have to try and please that fool again

Day after day I feel this way that I need to be moving on
You know I depend on you but don't get my wrong
I'll throw the dice and play the game and hope we get along
Even then I won't be fooled again

So I've read your words and Ive signed my name
But I can't make up my mind
If you really care or you're playing your games
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