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Out On The Street

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Out on the street, dead on my feet
At the mercy of the stone-cold night
It's hard to compete, in a dead-end street
With frustration in your line of sight
Do you ever stop and think
Do you ever stop at all
Do you have the time to feel
And if you do, do you know the feeling's real

Followed a sign that pointed the way
And I found myself right back at the start
I like to feel good, I've tried feeling sad
But I can't stand a broken heart
Don't wanna wait till my dyin' day
To realise
I guess I'm lucky in a strange kind of way
'Cause it's clear before my eyes

A grey cloud they say hides a surprise
But it rained until I lost my belief
Just close your eyes and we'll show you the way
But I believe I've lost my faith
One man speaks and one man does while another soul wields the sword
I hear you all but I still can't see just who it is
Who speaks the chosen word
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