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Bad Bad Man

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In this supermarket city
Among the native smiles
You have to pay for attention
And do the best you can
There's a raging silence
And it's charged with action
Got no time for weakness
'Cos I'm a bad bad man

Down the streets of darkness
Where they know my name
Lies a force of evil
And a destructive plan
There's no time for questions
When you run into danger
Don't get too close to me
'Cos I'm a bad bad man

I'm working for the LA division
To stop the inner city collision
I'm bringing law and order
To the twenty-first century

I don't care for politics
You can keep your point of view
You're better off without it
I got my own bad plan

A tough cop has a lonely existence
A reputation of the highest resistance
A mean runner bringing order
To the twenty-first century

I don't believe in passion
Don't believe in feelings
I take peace from the wicked
Run and hide while you can
I got no time for small talk
Got no time for off-the-wall talk
Don't care who I tread on
'Cos I'm a bad bad man
Bad bad man...
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