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I'm sitting here looking at your picture
I see a light all around your head
You got a green I ain't never seen
And what a strange shade of red

And everything is turning inside out
And something gets ahold of me
And turns me inside out

There is a place where the others go
You can forget everything you know
But every night is the same to me
Lying awake and longing to be

Cannot help myself
Could not stop myself

You got a wishing well in your eye
The surface starts to ripple
Pardon me, what might your entendre be?
I'm seeing double, sometimes triple

Every thought wears a thin disguise
It's not a thing that I can verbalize
But if you knew what I was looking for
You'd get off your ass and walk out that door

Last night I was laying down sleeping
You know I was dreaming all to myself
In the evening, darling when the sun goes down
Whoa! you know it's mighty hard to tell
Tell me what more can a good man do?

You hold the world hostage in your mind
Standards and practices are well defined
But if you choose to walk a different road
Hold onto your hat, your head might explode
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