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The Wizard

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I heard somebody say
he'll be coming tonight
to the ring of bells
when the dark turns to day
He will go to the knights
of the Round Table
He's been called by the cries of the kings
he will guide their minds
'til he leaves with invisible wings

He will raise up his arms
and show battles in air
but they're all gone now
He can dress up with charms
he can just disappear
and you don't know how
He was born in mysterious times
under care of gods
he can chose kings and light up the nights

I can see
the wizard
is coming
and he'll show which is the way
The wizard
is coming
and today's a better day
The wizard
And he'll go
fly to the stars tonights
Look up and see the light

Like a prince from afar in a pauper's disguise
he will come to you
He can see throught your heart
he can read in your eyes
He knows all of you
He knows all of the future and past
He knows he'll be doomed
by a love that forever will last
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