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If I Was Made For You

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If you could love again,
but my heart stay’s the same,
then what do we become.
See I would never change,
I’d take you back again,
Just the way you are.

We fall like a house of cards,
you turn, we break apart,
baby, don’t through this away.

If I was really made for you,
tell me why’d you take a chance on someone new?
Don’t say that what I’ve heard is true,
when I thought we’d have the strength to see it through,
it takes a fool to know a fool!
I though that I, I was made for you.

Forever in disguise, and all those easy lies,
how could we go on?
And everybody knew all you put me through.
Now I bear the scars.

If I fall, oh I fall so hard, I should be where you are,
(tell me) why did you through it away.

Made for you,
Baby, don’t throw this away!
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