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Shadow Of The King Part I

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Battle has called me I am waiting
With no fear left in my heart
Dead flesh�s smell is what I`m feeling
In a rough fight tonight in the dark

By power of gods I am fighting
To drive evilmen back to hell
Like dragon of hate they are roaring
With fire they scream fight and yell

Riding the days
And sailing the nights
All I have seen
Is my victory
But now is the time
To look through the past
When all bravemen die
And black is the sky

I will fight my war forever
I will fight my war cause I am the one I´m the king

My enemies (are) here just to haunt me
Too much blood spilled once again
A demonized arrow behind me
That shows me the way to the end

All I see now
Is the red of my blood
So far from home
And I`m so alone
My heart bleeds for free
And I`m on my knees
Waiting for death
I take my last breath

I�ll be gone not lost forever
My son will come to fight �cause he is the one he`ll be king
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