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I read your letter

I got it just the other day

You seem so happy

So funny how time melts away

It's such a pleasure

To see you growing

And how you're sending your love

Thru' the air today

I think of Heaven

Each time I see you walking there

And as you're walking I think of children


It's in your star sign

You growing stronger

I can't believe you

It's so good to care

Thru' enchantment - into Sunlight

Angels touched your eyes

Your Highness - Electric - So Surprise

Is this your first life

It seems as tho' you have lived before

You help me hold on

You have a heart like an open door

You sing so sweetly

My Love adores you

She does, she's thinking of you

Right now, I know

The summer's coming

I'll keep in touch so you're not alone

Then like a swallow, you'll fly away

Like birds have flown

So let me tell you

How much I love you

I'd make the songbirds sing

For you again

Well now it's goodnight

Sweet angel, read this letter well
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