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Les 40 Braves

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Following is the song in three approaches:

First approach, using the soc.culture.greek contributors technique to handle
the ascii characters to make an aproximation to the greek alphabet;

Second approach, a possible, aproximated ''codification'' to latin alphabet based
on how lyrics are pronounced and

Third approach, the song translated to english.

* First approach:

Song: Saranta pallhkaria.

Saranta pallhkaria
(mwr') ap' th Lebadeia
pane gia na pathsoume
thn Tripolitsa.
Sto dromo pou phgainane
(bre) geronta apantoun.
-Wra kalh sou gero
-Kalws ta ta paidia
-Pou pate pallhkaria
pou pate wres paidia
-Pame gia na pathsoume
thn Tripolitsa
-Pou pate pallhkaria
pou pate wres paidia

Second approach:

Song: Saranta pallikaria

Saranta pallikaria
(mor') ti Le-
(mor') ap' ti Lebadeia
pane gia na patisoune
tir Tropo-
(mor') tir Tropolitsa.
Sto dromo pou pigainane
(bre) geronta apantoun.
- Ora kali sou gero
- Kalos ta ta paidia
- Pou pate pallikaria?
pou pate ores
pou pate ores paidia?
- Pame gia na patisoume
tir Tropo-
(mor') tir Tropolitsa
- Pou pate pallikaria
pou pate ores paidia?

Third approach:

Song: Forty Braves.

Forty braves
from Lebadeia
are on their way to capture
On their way
they meet an old man
-Hello oldman
-Welcome children
-Where are you going to, you brave?
where are you going to, you children?
-We are going to capture
-Where are you going to, you brave?
where are you going to, you children
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