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Born from the sky

we are born to this land

from a dream so far away

I was sent to your heart

with the stars shining

we are asked to live as one love

never forget, this is

Trust me to be singlet

we will sing on the days

when each voice will be a witness,

each will sing every way

There'll be no more empty promeses

we are turning an special page of life

I will be the one to hold you

in this everlasting dance of love

Hold me now forever

I can remember when

you an I came through the winter

now it's summer again.

Be mine, be my love, be my guide

together will be as one love

you can count on my life.

Born from the sky la,la,la,la,la

Words of discoragement dissapear

in your clear eyes

Never change, never doubt

what you mean to my life.
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