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Ninja Rap 2

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Go Ninja Go Ninja Go, what what
Go Ninja Go Ninja Go, what what
Go Ninja Go Ninja Go, what what
Ninja Ninja what what
Ninja ninja, what what

What is the ninja ninja rap, baby you don't know,
Remix it old school but you don't know,
The people call me VI but you don't know,
Still lettin it flo baby you don't know

When I'm in the club people show me some love,
I've got the mic on tight like OJ wears his gloves,
People come around VIPs and and the Clowns,
Juggalo love, I'm selling every place out,
When we rage at the gathering with ICP,
saying fuck the world, lets all live free yeah
I'm on a mission, I remain in the game, see,
I do it for my rhymes, you can fuck the fame
'cause I cater to my crew ones that pull me through,
the blacks, Puerto Ricans and the white people too,
All you hater, I kick ya hmm like Bruce Lee,
Got my foot up in that ass, so far you can't see,
come on and join, pants sag to my loins,
it's the Ninja Rap baby, hmm
now whatcha know about that?


When it's time to shine, the Ninja Rap rewind,
One at a time, droppin the dime when I rhyme,
Unstoppable always keep going for mine,
I jump hurdles like Carl Lewis giving site to the blind,
You can see I always fight back adversity,
I never be what MTV wanted me to be,
Now I'm free, free from disease of the industry
You can never understand what it's like to be out-casted,
Now I live in an underground blasted
dark side soldier hating people who were plastic,
Like Bill Clinton, you never inhaled
messin' around with Monica and polished up his bell

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