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Christmas pipes

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Christmas pipes, Christmas pipes
Calling us home on Christmas night
Call us from far, call us from near
Oh play me your Christmas pipes

Christmas bells, Christmas bells
Over the hills and over the dells
Ringing out bright, ringing out clear
Oh ring me your Christmas bells

Christmas strings, Christmas strings
Playing the peace that Christmas brings
Fiddle and bow, gentle and low
Oh play me your Christmas strings

(1st Verse, Christmas Pipes...)
Oh Holy night the stas are brightly shining,
It is the...(night of our dear saviours' birth...)

Christmas choir, Christmas choir
Christmas carols 'round Christmas fire
Holy night, angels on high
Round up your Christmas choir

Christmas band, Christmas band
You're waiting for me with your Christmas band
Cymbal and drum, rattle and hum
March out your Christmas band

Good to be home to your Christmas Pipes

(1st Verse, Christmas Pipes...)

(1st Verse, Christmas Pipes...)

Play me your Christmas Pipes

Good to be home
Good to be home
Good to be home to your Christmas pipes
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