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I don't blame you for these disasters and tragedies.
You sold your knowledge to sink the silent cries of pain.
Since you dont understand, I know you won't complain.
Come taste this poisoned daggers blade.
The difference is vague between truth and fake.
Come taste this blade.

You are closer to me than you may think.
This is a lie designed to keep you weak.
A mirror maze of shadows and glass.
Reflections will trick your eyes.
I speak and keep disguised.

It takes a critical mind to broach the lies.

A most devious reason resides within me;
entangled up and floating out.

Not that it will matter more,
but this must be made clear:
This is not a confession,
this is more like a betrayal.
And I will let you know the truth,
and you know it's your turn now.

I have since long stopped pretending to stand on your side.
And you know it's your turn now.

Days have gone and nights have passed,
still the illusion is maintained,
an undertaking faced with risk,
and now its too late to dodge away.
Come taste this poisoned blade.

These words are really empty.
I left you with nothing else.
Its all lies when you only
know the low without the high.
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