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Fool On A Dick

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Oooh she act a fool on the dick
Vixen ent
Ash b
Monai and
Bugys on the beat bitch
Now get sick with it
Bugys on the beat bitch
And do a split with it

[Ash B:]
On a dick I get sick with it
Let you hit to get a dick
They love the way my pussy grip it
Everyday you wanna stick it
I'm a make you wanna lick it
I'm a freak I admit it
Use a nigga for his dick I don't catch no fuckin feelings
And I'm a ride you like a cadi while you pullin on my hair got me callin you daddy
Daddy poke my back out have me feelin like a granny
Baby have me feelin fly like I'm fuckin peter pan
Uh ash b gone throw it back
Have me biting on the pillow while you hit it from the back
Pussy better then crack I know how to throw back
Have you munchin on the pussy like a mid night snack
Ooh I act a fool on the dick do a motherfuckin split
Boy my pussy is the shit every nigga want to hit
And he wanna fuck me good he gone make my booty bigger everytime I come out the hood

Ooh she act a fool on a dick
Fool on a dick, fool on a dick
She act a fool on a dick [x3]
Now get sick with it
And do a split with it [x3]

I'm so sick on the dick it's like I got a cold
Hit it from the back and make me breath through my nose
{I froze} from a overdose of the dick
I never been a weak bitch
Straight drop had to admit it
And his head game poppin as if he tryin to tease the pussy
And I swear you gonna miss it
Hittin him with the trick bust splits on his shit
He said he never had bomb head
So I had to introduce him
Like hi dick say my name is throat
And you go so far you may touch my toe
And he gives good brain it's insane
I call him dun murder it
Cause he done murder my shit
He dun whipped the shit
My lips feign for his kiss
Not the one on my face
But the face becomes one with
Call him every time I need it
When I'm feigning gotta have it
It's a habit
Boy just grab it
Yea I asked for it

I ride you like a cawashci
Beat it up like rocky
He can blow my pussy like joe I call you poppy
When I bend I spill r-u-n
Roller coaster ride make your fuckin head spin
Fuck down choke up on a dick dats whirlwind
We flippin like pancakes
Breakfast in bed
Breakfast in bed equals breakfast and head
Fuck a red-bone nigga till his face turn red
When heaven can't spread dat means my legs
I'm a fool on a dick I throw a arch in my bag
While you doin doggy style while you hittin it from the back
I'll do water works just to make it climax
My pussy super wet it goes split splat
I don't rock skinny jeans cause my pussy so fat
If your dick real good I'll throw your name on the track
No opponent in the bed I'm the baddest in th west

I act a fool on a dick
Doing motherfuckin tricks
Bustin motherfuckin splits
Now a nigga on me [x2]
Throw a arch in my back
While he hit it from the back [x4]
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