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Toot My Shit

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Bugsy On the beat bitch!!
I toot
I toot my shit...I toot my muthafucking shit! (4x)

I walk in the function ijerk
looking like a bad bitch niggas start to flirt
a nigga get behind me ima work him out his shirt
He like the way idance he like the way ijerk
He like the way igrind He like the way itwerk
Cuhz i back it on baby til my back be getting hurt
Idrop then roll with it
Booty got swagg if u want it u could go get it
Pussy poppin yeaah ima act a hoe with it
Toot my shit up wind it up real slow with it
uhh! Ash B gone Turn it up
Jerkin in the club
While i'm sippin on the cup
I dont give a fuck
Let's get fucked up
Feel on my butt
Gone Fuck it up
uhh! I toot my fucking shit ima make u wanna hit


Ijerk! Boy go to work
Liftin up my skirt
After worst make it hurt
Condom in the purse
You're the patient I'm the nurse
Taste my juice
Im about to peel in the goose
Turnt Feelin Loose
Go deep in my gutt
Boy make me nutt
My Pirannah bite
Tryna get my little buzzz
Boy beat it up fuck it up speed it up
Lick my twat move your tongue like a clock
Play me like a congo fuck me thru this tongue so
If my pussy gwop
Bet a Nigga big dunks
I'm Thick like a horse
Ride me like a porshe
Im a bad bitch
Im hotter than a torch
My Lips super wet
Drip drip wet
Im tryna make a bet
Watch me pull on the dick
I make my butt drum purumm pum pum pum
I make my butt drum purumm pum pum pum


When I come up 2 the club
Im So hyped Drunk
Turnt fUCK iit I'mmm Fuucckked up!!!
And he cant handle all this
Back it up one time
Then I toot my shit ha ha
And i like them tricks
Str8 Pop one pill
and then go dumb on the dick
then i have to go dum on the bitch he was with
Aint playin no games
Cuhz I'm off tht shit
Yeaah!! I like the way
He working my back
Turn it over bend it down
Cuhz I like it like that
No point if he ain't
Spitting facts
so do the booty doo JERKIIN
run tht shit back
Run that shit back?
Yeah run tht shit back
and it aint no fun if my vixens
aint turnt up
Grab a couple goose
and pour tht shit up str8
Get drunked in
Smoke a fat blunt towards on
bustin me a nut!!!


i toot tht shitt!!! (4x)
I toot i toot i toot my shit (5x)
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