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Hello Cruel World

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Hello cruel world
Did I keep you long?
You've waited so patiently To torture my soul

To ruin my life
My anguish, your ecstasy

And I've compalianed
But it's to no avail
I've complained
Day after day

Good morning cruel world
did you sleep well last night
were you dreaming of all the ways
to torture my soul
to ruin my life?
this anguish day after day

Good bye cruel world
It's time to go
Who's leaving though?
Oh, not me!
I'm tugging the sails
I'm turning the tide
Your angush, my ecstasy

And you'll complain
But it's to no avail
You'll complain
Again and again and
Again and again
You're stuck with me
Stuck with me, stuck with me
Out of luck with me
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