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Young Money-bricksquad

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Brick brick brick brick brickkkkksquaaaaaaaad

[Verse 1: Waka Flocka Flame]
I said my necklace (iced out)
My left wrist (iced out)
Waka Flocka Flame stay out my
Lane because I'm (thugged out)
Niggas get (drugged out) you know what my
(Click bout) hit him with a bottle stomp his
Muthafuckin (lights out) hands on deck make a nigga
Pull his (tool out) ballin this year I ain't gone stop until
I wildout [x3]
Gudda gudda wildout [x3]
Waka flocka wildout

[Chorus: x2]
Young Money Bricksquad [x2]
Young Money [x3]
Young Money Bricksquad
Young Money Bricksquad [x5]

[Verse 2: Waka Flocka Flame]
Flocka waka flocka waka aye get
Jumped in the club gudda waka flocka (hey) gudda
Waka flocka (hey) gudda waka flocka (hey) gudda waka flocka
(Hey) for the cash I'll wrap a niggas ass up (bow) run up
In his jim carrey style mask up (bow) we the new wu-tang the
New no limit the new N.W.A. what up snoop and dre. can't forget
Eazy-e ice cubes on my neck fuzzy screaming waka waka bitch I got that check I don't need to flex but I gotta ball money yoa ming
Yeah it's that tall what up gudda gudda what's up gudda gudda I
Got rotten apple blood in my veins I reverse a slant route and from up north to down south no more mean mug at my show throwin green glow green flag green love suwoo to the p son

[Verse 3: Gudda Gudda]
Young money nigga I'm a rep till the death
You can see the ym tatted on my neck
All my niggas wild choppas on deck
Stomp a nigga out demand I respect
Me n waka flacka got the hand on the tech
N it's cash on delivery for handin my check
Nigga I don't talk much but when I do bitch pay me
Big money heavy weight you can ask baby
Birdman schooled me wayne told me do me
N stack big paper up no need for loose leaf
My rubberband stacks can't fold into knots
I decapitate the top with two hoes in the drop
I'm countin up the money till my hands get blisters
Told my bitch to come help me we can count it up quicka nigga
Real nigga music they talkin we do's it
Free my nigga weezy n free my nigga gucci
Young money
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