Texty písní Waking The Cadaver Perverse Recollections Of A Necromangler Type A Secretor

Type A Secretor

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The best part of waking up is a new night to capture,
Scaring piles of pussy meat awaiting my rapture.
Pulsing, dripping, wet, warm, and here for my pleasure.
Use and abuse
Sleep, kill - repeat.

Sluts and Whores. These filthy girls want me in their mouths.
I deny at first,
Just to hear them burst, and beg for satisfaction,
I try and seem, to not know what they mean,
To create a type of distraction.
She grabbed my cock, so i grabbed my glock, and this shits gotten fun
And she knows my dick tastes so much sweeter when she's staring down the barrel of a full loaded gun.
Oh my god babe,
I'm gonna blow !
In a few more ways than one,
My cock, my temper, and my urge to dismember,
All up in your face (along with my gun)
Oh yes, fresh flesh, nailed up to the wall,
I skinned this bitch and removed her tits,
Then ravaged her gaping hole,
I am the Type A Secretor.
No trace.
No match.
No clues to follow.
And it will be harder for you than it was for her to realize,
And to swallow.
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