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10 Reasons Why Not To Hate Me

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My way to breathe is serious
My way to die comes as a curse
I'd like to solve this problem first but I must get out of here
Erase me from my memory
So that there's nothing old to see
I'd like to end this misery... can you believe me?

Again I'm building my way
Towards an endless mayday
I'll never never ever get anybody there to believe me
I'll bring myself to this bay
Again I'm proudly away
Forever proofing demons, telling 10 reasons why not to hate me!

If there's too much sun in my mind
Then soon I am becoming blind
And the darkness then is back again, going circles in my head
My season'll be close to the end
Is there some love that I could lend?
Or should I just fight til the end?
Alone I do defend!
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