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Digging Inside

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Doctor machine:
So strip off your clothes and follow me
I'll take you deeper than usually
Welcome to my labyrinth
The others are ready, with their uniforms and instruments

I wanna see your everything
and force my way under your skin
I'll go inside your deepest cells
and cut you into pieces to make you better

Small creatures will itch your body like parasites,
waiting to shiver and shock,
lying unconsciously, but the mind travels on...

Pressure (pumping through your veins)
Plastic (laid over your face)
Guilty (of innocent games)
You feel monsters digging inside.

It's time to concentrate into you
It's time to let blood out from you,
to see what can be made of you
It's time to dig inside!

You want to have me in your body
You want to have me in your soul
coz now it's the purest kind of wisdom
inside this rotten roll
Tiny little men are scratching your inner being
(Man, they are really going in!)
Throughout you are now on my mercy!
Mind music (takes you away)
Confusion (tears you apart)
Pain (escapes your mind)
Tiny men are now afraid!

Chorus 2
The world's pumping pressure off you
while it's watching everyone move
So now you know that I am not you
So I start digging inside

Everybody's more than able to creep into your inner being
while washing your brain with all religions of super money making
Every song today is revealing this frightening creeping feeling
Every message in every song is 'bout how all the god is gone
Are they really tearing me apart?
Are they really destroying my heart?
My world is in the state of an electric shock
While my wounded mind is bleeding, the world's hanging all over me
and I' m just lying... unconsciously, unconsciously..

Now we are going to remake you
You have to trust us or we'll break you
If you won't obay we'll betray you
Can we please start digging inside!

(Now you just have to lade from your wisdom
of you own last devision,
and share it with other people
while the needles has been taken out...)

Dontcha follow me
Dontcha follow me
They're tearing me apart
...my mind is escaping...
...while they're really coming in!...
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