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Look Out Tonite

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(I found the law,
the law is in your hands,
please look out tonite,
there are too many dangers outside!)

Hungry young boy, don't
stay out too late
there may wait for U a
costly rate
when darkness flows on a
concrete street
it changes everything

How can you ask for some
peace of mind
when they come out to play
their special games
ruled by evil without try
somebody feeds on their
weak souls to survive


Angry young girl, you play
a dangerous game
you walk a real fine line
the dark alleys may jump
on you
yo man, you don't know
what you do

It's all the mad luxury
with a voice of insanity
please, don't try a half
dead mind
or there'll be no way to
avoid the final blow
yo man, I think you'd like
to stay alive!


The shouts in the dark,
they never lie
you don't feel free, you
don't feel right
those who've grown up here
they see the hell of an
immortal lie

You can act brave, but
please don't try
or you'll get killed by
the half dead mind
though young blood's
floowing, you'll need it
don't wanna see you being
a part of the final blow

The streets are covered
with red and blue
in some corridor a
restless boogaloo
wakes up the neighbours in
the middle of the night
the screams of fight move
faster than light

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