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If you want to hold me,
I'll want you more
than anyone ever wanted anyone before.

If you want to hold me,
I'll hold you then.
If you want to hold me,
Then hold me.

I'll need a little room to sway.

You hold me anyway.
All my life,
well I can't take you on my own

I always told you I'd be there,
I am what you are and not all me
So hold me closer
but don't ever let me go

I see your face inside,
shining your deep blue eyes.
I see your love inside,
and it's starting to all make sense.
I am a lion,
a tiger's sleeping under my skin.
A tiger sleeping under your skin,
not afraid to burn.

Disappear here with love
I see your face inside
shine day by day we hide
I see your face inside
Watching the sun go
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