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Across The Sea

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You are eighteen year old girl
Who live in small city of Japan
You heard me on the radio
'Bout one year ago
And you wanted to know
All about me, and my hobbies
My favorite food and my birthday

Why are you so far away from me?
I need help and you're way across the sea
I could never touch you
I think it would be wrong
I've got your letter
You've got my song

They don't make stationary like this
where I'm from
So fragile
So refined
So I smell (so I smell)
And i lick (and I lick)
Your envelope and fall to little pieces every time
I wonder what clothes you wear to school
I wonder how you decorate your room
I wonder how you touch yourself
And curse myself for being across the sea

Chorus x1

At ten I shaved my head and tried to be a monk
I thought the older women would like me if I did
You see ma, I'm a good little boy (good little boy)
It's all your fault, momma It's all your fault
Goddamn, this business is getting lame
I gotta live on an island to find the juice
So you send, Me your love
From all around the world
As if I could live off words and dreams and a million screams
Oh, how I need a hand in mine to feel

Why are you so far away from me
Why are you so far away from me
I could never touch you, i think it would be wrong
I got your letter
You got my song

(i got your letter)
I got your letter, You got my song
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